April 2003 Block of the Month

Dolly Madison Star

(12 1/2" unfinished 12" finished)




Center Square

    Dark:     Cut 4 Squares, 1 7/8"

    Light:    Cut 5 Squares, 1 7/8"

    Assemble into a 9 patch according to the color photo.


Corner Squares:

    Cut 4 light squares, 4 1/2"


Side Squares: 

    Dark:        Cut 2 Squares, 5 1/4".

    Medium:   Cut 1 Squares, 5 1/4".

    Light        Cut 1 Squares, 5 1/4".


    Layer two of the Dark squares right sides together with one Medium square and one Light square, right sides together to make quick quarter square triangles:


To make quarter square triangles: On the back of the light fabrics, draw a line diagonally from corner to corner (a mechanical pencil works well for this). Then draw another line diagonally from corner to corner making an X. These will be cutting lines. Then 1/4" on either side of one of the lines, draw 2 stitching lines.


    With two squares, right sides together, sew on the two outside stitching lines.  Then cut into 2 halves on the line between the two stitching lines. Then divide those two parts on the other line.


    Sew together in squares, matching long sides of the triangles according to the color photo.    Square up to 4 1/2"


    Sew two of the side squares to opposite sides of the center square.  Sew a corner square to each end of the other two side units and sew those to the other two sides of the center square.


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