November 2003 Block of the Month


Pinwheel Star

(12 1/2" unfinished 12" finished)



Suggested fabrics for BOM Drawing:

Main Fabric A: Large scale med dark (Floral Shown)
Coordinating Fabric B: Small scale (Orange Shown)
Contrast C: Bright (Yellow Shown)
Background D: Light


Center square:

Fabric B: Cut 2 squares, 2 7/8"

Fabric D: Cut 2 squares, 2 7/8"

Place each Fabric B squares right sides together with a fabric D squares and follow the included instructions for half-square triangle blocks. Sew the four resulting blocks together in a pinwheel, refer to the color photo for placement

To make half square triangle blocks: On the back of the lighter of the fabrics, draw a line diagonally from corner to corner. Then 1/4" on either side of one of the line, draw 2 stitching lines.  With two squares, right sides together, sew on the two outside stitching lines. Then cut into 2 halves on the line between the two stitching lines. Press out and you will have 2, half square triangle blocks.

Corner Squares

Cut 4 squares of Fabric D, 4 1/2"               

Side Squares:

Fabric A: Cut 2 Squares, 5 1/4"

Fabric C: Cut 1 square, 5 1/4.

Fabric D: Cut 1 Square, 5 1/4"

Layer one fabric A square right sides together with a fabric D square and the other with a fabric C square. Follow the included directions for quick quarter square triangle blocks. Pair each unit A/D with an A/C unit and sew together in squares, matching long sides of the triangles.

Square all sections up to 4 1/2" and assemble as a 9-patch.