October 2003 Block of the Month


Diamond Star

(12 1/2" unfinished 12" finished)



Cutting & Sewing Directions

Main Fabric A: Dark  (Black shown)
Coordinating Fabric B: Medium (Blue Shown)
Contrast C: Bright Contrast (Red Shown)
Background D: Light 

Center square:

Fabric C: Cut 1 square, 3 3/8"

Fabric B: Cut 2 squares, 2 7/8", divide diagonally to get 4 triangles.

Sew a triangle to one side of the square, matching long sides of the triangle to the side of the square. Sew a second triangle to the opposite side of the square. Then sew a triangle to each of the other two sides of the square.

Corner Squares

Fabric D: Cut 4 squares, 4 1/2"

Side Squares:

Fabric A: Cut 4 squares 3 5/8". Divide each diagonally into 2 triangles to get 8 triangles.

Fabric D: Cut 1 Square, 5 1/4", Divide diagonally twice in 4 quarter-square triangles.

Cut 4 squares 2 1/4", Divide each diagonally once into 8* half-square triangles.

Fabric C: Cut 4 Squares, 1 7/8".

To one side of each fabric C square, sew a fabric D triangle, matching short side of triangle to square. Then on each unit, sew a fabric D triangle to the adjoining side. Using the color photo as a guide, sew each of these D/C triangle units to a Fabric A triangle, matching short sides.

To each of the remaining Fabric A triangles, sew a Fabric D triangle, matching short sides. Refer to the color photo to make sure you have them on the correct sides.

Sew the A/D triangles together with the A/C/D triangles, matching long sides.

Square up each unit to 4 1/2" and assemble the block as a 9 patch