April 2001

Friendship Star

12" finished size (12 1/2" unfinished)


 Cutting Direction

     Dark:       Cut 2 squares 4 7/8"

                    Cut 1 square 4 1/2"

     Medium:   Cut 2 squares 4 7/8"

     Light:       Cut 4 squares 4 7/8"



Sewing Directions


Make quick half-square triangle blocks.  Layer each dark square, right sides together with a light square and each medium square with a light square.  Lightly draw a diagonal line across the back of the light squares, corner to corner.  This will be your cutting line.  Draw two more lines, one on each side of the cutting line, 1/4" away.  These are your sewing lines. (Figure 1)  Sew the squares together on these two sewing lines and cut them on the cutting line.  Press out and you will have two half-square triangle blocks.  Follow the colored diagram to put the half square triangle blocks together.








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