BOM May 2001

Double T

12" finished size  


    Cut 2 - 4 7/8" Dark squares and 2 4 7/8" Light squares

    Cut 10 2 7/8" Dark squares and 10 2 7/8" Light squares

    Make quick half-square triangle blocks.  Layer each 4 7/8" dark square, right sides together with a 4 7/8" light square.  Repeat with the 2 7/8" squares.  Lightly draw a diagonal line across the back of the light squares, corner to corner.  This will be your cutting line.  Draw two more lines, one on each side of the cutting line, 1/4" away.  These are your sewing lines. (Figure 1)  Sew the squares together on these two sewing lines and cut them on the cutting line.  Press out into half-square triangle blocks. 



Sew the small half-square triangle blocks into 4 sets of 3 and 4 sets of 2.  Sew the sets of 2, one to the side of each large half-square triangle block and one of the sets of 3 across the top of each large half-square triangle block.

Refer to the color diagram to assemble the 4 units into the block.


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