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Electric Quilt 7


Complete quilt design software




Electric Quilt 7


Requires EQ6 installed



EQ6 Simplified

Fran Iverson-Gonzalez


Attention EQ6 beginners! EQ6 Simplified, the newest and biggest of our best-selling “Simplified” tutorials is ready. Popular EQ teacher and author Fran Iverson Gonzalez holds your hand as you work through step-by-step instructions in eight fun lessons. It’s like taking classes right in your own home. Fran has taught thousands of EQ beginners and she’ll teach you too as you design fabulous, yet simple, quilt designs

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EQ6 Block Book


An illustrated guide to the 4,300 quilt blocks in EQ6.

The EQ6 Block Book helps you locate blocks in the EQ6 Block Library. The book is organized exactly like the on-screen libraries of EQ6 blocks

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EQ6 Pieced Drawing

EQ6 Pieced Drawing allows EQ users to design unique blocks for any quilting need. Authored by drawing expert Patti Anderson, this book will inspire you to draw blocks like you have never done before!


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